Scary-Posh Spice

If “failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor” (Truman Capote), how spicy do you like your success stories?

To some I may appear a bit eccentric. Quirky is a choice word when used in describing my characteristics. If I had to describe my relation to failure in terms of success I would say we are on intimate terms. In relation to the spice to success ratio, let’s say I prefer mine as a hybrid of two members of the girl band of the nineties The Spice Girls: Scary and Posh Spice. If I could morph them together knowing that Scary would be all in my face, distracting me with her antics yet Posh would emerge at the end of the adventure all elegant and bitchy – I would take it.

Through certain phases in my life I feel as if I have been the quintessential underdog. I imagine I am not the only the person that feels this way. So, you see, I am not special in any way as this feeling is (for many) commonplace. There are scores of us. I know of others where life comes easily to them. Perhaps, there is a secret guidebook to which I am not privy? Sadly, this is not the case as one is born into a family that may be poor, wealthy or somewhere in between. Does it matter? In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs- yes, but that is another story entirely.

However, We all fail. Sometimes we may not be good at a given task or perhaps we are ill prepared? Does that matter? Somewhat.

As a chick whom has more than once failed brilliantly; I never quite like it but usually learn something profound from the adventure. Such as: There are certain things in life, in which I will never excel. (Singing) Other subjects have terrified me such as statistics. However, after conquering my math phobia I carried on and received a “B”. Good thing as I could not have graduated without the class. What exactly have I learned about just “winging it”? Well, do not -always be prepared.

I try to be open-minded too. I do. I should really know better with some activities. Let me use food as an example. I know what I like and I am not an adventurous eater. While raised on the east coast one would think I like seafood. I hate it. Recently, I went to a very fancy French eatery. The host ordered for the table. This was the first mistake. I told her “ No worries, I’ll try what you order…” To my dismay what arrived first was Foie gras. Tried it and promptly hated it. Next: The main course of beef tongue and some pig hoof looking thing. Attempting to remain “open minded” I did try a taste of both. Urgh, Then I proceeded to finish the salad and wait for dessert. When the delicious caramelized frou-frou poof arrived I devoured it. I knew I would like dessert, as I almost always do. Plus, I was fairly certain it would not contain a hoof of some sort. In this case why let the scary posh even be a question to be considered? I know what I like.

So, let’s leave it here: Scary-posh is as “spicy” as I get.

It’s OK if you don’t want to fail, but you will anyway

Open minded thinking is not necessary in every situation.

Also, a hoof is exactly that: A hoof!


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