My First Blog Post – Recovered!

I know, I know, I should be writing daily. A couple of months ago I somehow, inadvertently,deleted my first blog entry. I could not believe that I had not saved it anywhere. Fast forward to today: While stumbling through the many password attempts for this blog’s email address – I finally got it! Imagine what I found? Yep, a copy of my first post. It’s not that it was mind-blowing or anything to that extent, but it was my first. Wow, have things changed since that day! Anyway, I will copy it below. Also, thanks for all of the follows! I imagine it will take me a bit to catch up.

xo D

P.S. Yes, I graduated.


Hello Kitten, I am a quirky late bloomer with a penchant for: Education (mine!), Fashion, makeup, vintage wares, photography, writing and dispensing imaginative advice. I feel I should give myself a bit of an introduction before I go shooting my mouth off about this that and the other thing and blast it out into the blogosphere.  For instance, at this precise moment in time I  should be studying for my FINAL final in Evolutionary Biology. I should also add: It is the only class standing between me and my B.A.  And yet today I have decided: Hey, great day for my first post! What can I say? I have no defense. I think I have the material down and the Neo-Darwinists as well as the process of meiosis is fascinating- really it makes sense. ( It’s a core/required class) As I have matured, things like this truly do interest me, but not as much as FASHION WEEK, the launch of the new Hourglass Ambient blush, or my totally mod vintage purse score for $3.00   Is it wrong? NO. Does it make me vapid, hubristic or daft? Hardly. 

Shoot, I mean I think I ‘m a glamour- dork chick with a twisted sense of humor. Yesterday, I bought a pair of bunny ears  at Target. A dollar – who could pass that up?? I know, that is in no way twisted -unless I wore them while nude, wearing my clogs, cat eye glasses,  eating Chinese take out and reciting the definition of: Mitochondria. I think that could qualify as more than quirky, for sure, and maybe even twisted. 

So, I have led quite a life. A sometimes crazy, very full life. People usually love me or they hate me- it’s an east coast thing. Although, I have lived in Chicago for twenty-two years ( I’m thinking of escaping soon! ) I am originally a Jersey girl. So by definition, I am straightforward and I am not going to tell you what you want to hear despite your feelings. However, I do not believe in that whole “brutally honest” BS. Seriously? Why not punch me right in the face? I like to be upfront, but not “brutal”. So, in my opinion, whatever I “have to say” can be prefaced with a positive. And don’t tell me that is not being straightforward because I will go JERSEY on your ass.  😉

Well, for now, until I am done with my exam  (gotta do it and do it well!!) You can find some beauty stuff on Facebook at – Winkstudio1

There is a bit of advice on the Facebook page Whatwoulddidido and last but, certainly not least, you can find me on under the user name: Didi”Chicky”D. ( located here in Chicago) 

Until we meet again, I leave you with this quote by the philosopher Immanuel Kant:

“Rules for Happiness:
something to do,
someone to love, 
something to hope for.” 
― Immanuel Kant

Later Kittens,



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